Susan M. Bones (silly_susan) wrote in crossingtheline,
Susan M. Bones

*Her flat in London*

*gazes down at dirty streets, blinks a couple times and glances at the glittering lights of lone people still awake in their homes.

Walking to the dresser at the far corner of her room, she kneels down to the lowest drawer. After a pause and a shrug, pulls out the drawer and sighs at the sight of at least twenty different journals of varying shapes, sizes, and colors. She chooses a pink leatherbound one, opens it to an empty page and walks to the desk to the right of her dresser.

Setting the journal down and picking up a careworn quill, opens the ink bottle clumsily, dips, and begins to write*

August 25

I am a little tired. but....

Review. 19. STILL single. but living on my own. That's a plus. silly.

i'm actually tired of this.

heh. only tired of this because... i have not seen my friends in awhile. tired because... well... working in a bookstore isn't exactly going to give me much pay. No matter.

I'm gonna read.

*leaves the ink to dry, climbs into bed, and hopes for a more eventful tomorrow.*
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