Robyn (robyngreenwood) wrote in crossingtheline,

::in the staff lunchroom of St. Mungo's::

::takes her journal out of her locker, and sits down on the couch::

I can't believe my lunch with Draco went so well! I know now that the war changed him and his family, who I feel so badly for, but going into the meeting, I thought he'd be the same asshole he had been when we were dating. He's changed. The way he was when it was just me and him back in school is how he is all the time now. I really like that. And he family... I feel horribly for them. They actually come into St. Mungo's for therapy sessions. I haven't seen them yet, even though I work in the mental health dept. Part of me wants to run into them, but another part doesn't want to see what they've become. They definitely aren't going to look as the Longbottoms look, but they still must look bad. All that they've been through and all.

Anyway... I'm seeing Draco again on Saturday. I hope it goes just as it did Sunday.

::closes her journal, eats a quick lunch, and heads back out into the ward::
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