Robyn (robyngreenwood) wrote in crossingtheline,

Robyn and Draco's break up

((I have no clue as to where they are or when this takes place. lol Just letting you all know.))

Robyn: ::walk up from behind him:: Hey.

Draco: ::turns around:: Hey.

Robyn: What are you up to?

Draco: Nothing. Just... thinking.

Robyn: I've been doing that a lot lately too.

Draco: ::stays quiet::

Robyn: ::making an attempt to talk to him:: Wanna talk about it?

Draco: Not really.

Robyn: Why not?

Draco: Because I don't feel like it. ::slightly aggravated::

Robyn: You know... if we don't talk to each other, this relationship --

Draco: ::snaps at her:: What relationship?! Do you honestly think this is a

Robyn: As a matter of fact, yes! ::in the same tone as his::

Draco: ::looks away::

Robyn: Why do you think this isn't?

Draco: Because.

Robyn: Because what?

Draco: ::takes a serious tone and looks at her:: I wanna break up.

Robyn: ::shocked:: W-w-why?

Draco: This isn't working for me, Robyn.

Robyn: What isn't working for you? Just the other day you were practically shouting to the world that you loved me, and all of a sudden this isn't working for you...?

Draco: Calm down, please.

Robyn: No. I don't think I will. Answer.

Draco: Look... it's just... I don't know exactly.

Robyn: You - you don't know? What the hell kind of answer is that?! There's obviously a reason why you wanna break up with me. What is it?!

Draco: I just don't think we're is going anywhere.

Robyn: Oh okay. I was dissed by almost all of my friends, almost disowned from my family, and I gave my innocence to you. Now you're not willing to work out whatever it is about this relationship that's bothering you. Well, you know what - fuck you!
Robyn: ::storms away::

Draco: Robyn! ::runs after her and grabs her arm::

Robyn: WHAT?!?

Draco: ::sincerely:: I'm sorry.

Robyn: ::inhales deeply, looks at him one last time, and walks away::

Draco: ::closes his eyes:: I hope I didn't just make a huge mistake.
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