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Crossing The Line Undrawn

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27th September 2007

silly_susan12:32am: *The Italian Bookshop, Cecil Ct*
*A woman, obviously frazzeled quickly asks Susan a question*

"Erm... Signore? I... eh... duh notta spika italian...no..."

*The bookshop manager quickly rescues the woman and escorts her to the cookbooks while giving a nice glare to Susan*

Of course! *Pretending as if she knew. nodding.* I love italians... *sighs and mutters* No idea why I'm still here.

*Gorgeous Italian co-worker walks by. She stares.*

hmm... Oh yeah... forgot about him.

*still staring ridiculously at Gorgeous Italian Guy*

26th September 2007

stew_ackerley9:13pm: ::in the corridors of Hogwarts::
::absentmindedly walking to Transfiguration:: 
mbouncingferret9:01pm: ::at the Malfoy Manor::

I can't believe I'm about to do this. ::he says to himself as he walks into his study::

::he sits down, takes out a quill, ink, and parchment and begins to write::

Dear Deven,

I really hope you didn't throw this out before reading it. I don't know if you are still friends with Robyn or not, but I recently came into contact with her. I really miss her. Being her best friend, I was wondering if you could give me some tips on how to win her back. I'd appreciate any help.


::he looks over the letter before folding it, putting it in an envelope, and sending it off::

25th September 2007

oliverwood2110:37pm: ::in a Muggle jewelry store, walking up and down the aisles::

Clerk: Excuse me, sir, do you need any help finding anything?

::looks up::

No thanks, I'm just browsing around.....::smiles::

Clerk nods and leaves to assist some other people.

2nd September 2007

robyngreenwood12:17pm: ::at her house::
::getting ready for work, realizing it's September 2::

Wow. It's weird that it's September and I'm not at Hogwarts. You would think I'd be used to this already considering I haven't been there in 2 years. I really miss it. I miss everyone - Deven, Ginny, Harry, Draco.... I wonder what everyone's up to? I really should get better at keeping in contact with people. ::thinking mostly about Deven and Ginny::

::looks at the time:: Shit! I'm going to be late for work! ::hurriedly grabbing all of her things and apparates:: 

::lands in a grassy area that looks strangely familiar:: Um... this isn't St. Mungo's...

25th August 2007

silly_susan2:20am: *Her flat in London*
*gazes down at dirty streets, blinks a couple times and glances at the glittering lights of lone people still awake in their homes.

Walking to the dresser at the far corner of her room, she kneels down to the lowest drawer. After a pause and a shrug, pulls out the drawer and sighs at the sight of at least twenty different journals of varying shapes, sizes, and colors. She chooses a pink leatherbound one, opens it to an empty page and walks to the desk to the right of her dresser.

Setting the journal down and picking up a careworn quill, opens the ink bottle clumsily, dips, and begins to write*

August 25

I am a little tired. but....

Review. 19. STILL single. but living on my own. That's a plus. silly.

i'm actually tired of this.

heh. only tired of this because... i have not seen my friends in awhile. tired because... well... working in a bookstore isn't exactly going to give me much pay. No matter.

I'm gonna read.

*leaves the ink to dry, climbs into bed, and hopes for a more eventful tomorrow.*

23rd August 2007

natmcd3:43pm: ::unpacking her stuff and drinking a Pixie Dew at Hogwarts::

9th August 2007

robyngreenwood7:37pm: ::in the staff lunchroom of St. Mungo's::
::takes her journal out of her locker, and sits down on the couch::

I can't believe my lunch with Draco went so well! I know now that the war changed him and his family, who I feel so badly for, but going into the meeting, I thought he'd be the same asshole he had been when we were dating. He's changed. The way he was when it was just me and him back in school is how he is all the time now. I really like that. And he family... I feel horribly for them. They actually come into St. Mungo's for therapy sessions. I haven't seen them yet, even though I work in the mental health dept. Part of me wants to run into them, but another part doesn't want to see what they've become. They definitely aren't going to look as the Longbottoms look, but they still must look bad. All that they've been through and all.

Anyway... I'm seeing Draco again on Saturday. I hope it goes just as it did Sunday.

::closes her journal, eats a quick lunch, and heads back out into the ward::

6th August 2007

natmcd9:34pm: ::packing, unpacking, and re-packing for her last year at Hogwarts::

I always think I'm going to forget something. It's a really bad habit. 

::sighs, and steps backwards away from her trunk::

Crap!! Where's my Potions book?!

::unpacks her trunk again in a frenzy::

There it is...Oh honestly. Working yourself into a complete mess is not getting you anywhere, Nat!

::re-packs the trunk and slams it shut::
deven_somers7:14pm: ::apparates into the Weasley's garden::

4th August 2007

mbouncingferret9:28pm: ::at the Malfoy Manor::
::sitting on a dark, leather chair in the sitting room::

It's still really weird to not be going to Hogwarts. I've spent most of my life waiting in anticipation for that day when I get on the train with Crabbe and Goyle. Now Crabbe's gone, Robyn hates me, and my parents, well, they're not the same. Everything's changing changed.

::puts down the journal, and looks out the window. sees an owl flying towards him eventually landing on the ledge. takes the post off of the owls leg and sends it along::

::opening the letter, he notices a script he hasn't seen in ages::
deven_somers9:07pm: ::sitting on the living room floor of her and Oliver's flat, reading through an old planner::

I can't believe that just two years ago the only entries this stupid thing had in it were all funerals. There's so many...

::sighs sadly and continues to read::
proud_2_be_me7:41pm: ::at the Borrow::
::looking for Ron or Harry excitedly::
robyngreenwood7:19pm: ::at her house::
::getting ready for her first day as a trainee at St. Mungo's::

I should be happier about my first day as a trainee healer, but all I keep thinking about is how some people my own age won't be doing these kind of things. Some people my own age went to St. Mungo's and still didn't survive. Am I going to be good enough that if a situation like that ever happened again, I'd be able to help? Am I going to make a difference? I really hope so!
xredxheadxginny7:07pm: ::at the Borrow::
::writing in her journal for the third time that day::

I still can't believe he's gone. Why did it have to be him?! Why couldn't it have been any other bloke that was there?! Even me!

::puts her journal away again, but keeps looking at it knowing that she hasn't expressed everything she feels... she just can't seem to find the words though::
stew_ackerley6:50pm: ::in his room::

::Supposed to be packing, but decides to let out some thoughts in his journal::

I can't believe it's been five years since Harry Potter first made the claim that You-Know-Who was back. Now, it's been two years since his defeat and people are happy again. And to make me even happier... it's my final year at Hogwarts! I never thought I'd make it here. My parents didn't either, what with my pranking and such, especially after the Weasley twins great departure from Hogwarts my second year. They are my heroes! Or, I mean, were. It's still hard for me to believe that Fred Weasley is dead, though. 

::closes his journal feeling sad and finishes up his packing::

27th March 2005

pinaygirl861:10pm: ::in Flitwick's office::
::supposed to be doing work, but is drifting off into her own thoughts while looking out the window::

How did I get a part in the play? I'm not a student anymore. And what's more... I'm playing opposite George Weasley. Of all the people at this school, it had to be him. How and why did he get the part? He's not a student here either. Maybe the teacher's just wanted us to play the parts because we're older. Yes. That's it. ... I don't have to kiss him, do I?

23rd February 2005

1reluctanthero3:52pm: Doing things the Muggle way.....
::working on lights for the stage in the Gryffindor common room the Muggle way, feels he needs to work with his hands::

Damn lights. ::gets a shock:: BUGGAR!
Current Mood: determined

17th February 2005

deven_somers6:32pm: ::walking to the Gryffindor Common Room, rosesCollapse ) cradled in her arms, her promise ringCollapse ) glowing on her finger, eyes full of light, and grinning from ear to ear::
Current Mood: giddy

18th January 2005

robyngreenwood5:56pm: ::in the Gryffindor common room::
::rushes in all excited, everyone's attention turns toward the portrait hole to see what the commotion is about::

Hey! Has everyone heard?! Hogwart's is putting on a play!!! It's Cinderella. Try outs are on Friday. I'm so excited!

::some, mostly boys, grumble something about it being stupid, some girls talk excitedly about it, while Lavender and Parvati excitedly rush up to their room to practice lines::

26th August 2004

natmcd8:29pm: At Stew's House
::tries not to look too pissed off at the fact that she's following Stewart Ackerly up HIS stairs, in HIS house, to a guest room next to HIS room::

I can't believe I'm her. Why must I die this slow, painful death?!
Current Mood: pissed off

24th July 2004

robyngreenwood3:31pm: Robyn and Draco's break up
((I have no clue as to where they are or when this takes place. lol Just letting you all know.))

BecauseCollapse )

22nd July 2004

silly_susan11:21pm: *at a family party*
*talks excitedly to a cousin of hers while she shoos away Julius, her little brother*

Well of COURSE I want to get tickets to the new Weird Sisters concert!

Cousin: Do you really think someone could get us those, suze?

do I think so? of course I do! Aunt Amelia works at the ministry. so does your dad. of course we could!

*conversation goes on about new styles and such*
prankstergeorge11:17pm: *the burrow*
George: Fred. You really want to go through with it?

Fred: Of course! Except... you know... Mum will have a fit.

George: hysterics

Fred: yeah...

George: yeah... *looks sort of glum*

Fred: Shall we ask her then? *grins*

George: *obviously the glum appearance is fake when he breaks into a identical grin* Of course.

*the two walk down the stairs, happy as ever*
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